We are more than aware that buying and selling properties is a complicated process, and part of the reason for that is the language that we use. but this isn’t done to make things unnecessarily complicated. The following is a guide to some of the common Real Estate terms that you may come across in the selling process.

Buyer enquiry over

This is a common way in which a guide price is given. It is giving buyers a guide as to the minimum price that will be acceptable and any offers over this price will be considered.


This is what we do when you first engage with us. We come to your property and view it, take some photos and suggest a guide price that the property should be put on the market at. All appraisels must be realistic and based on current market conditions.


This is essentially any property that is for general sale to the public.

This is the Real Estate Agent that represents the seller.

Listing Agent

A sale method where interested parties place bids that are publicly known and the property will go to the highest bid.